Swedish Names

In Sweden we use about 150 000 different names. The most common name is easy to find out. It is Maria and 450 000 Swedish women carry that name. It is much more difficult though, to say which names that are unusual, 80 000 of them is carried by only one person.


Our ancestors carried men names like Egil, Olof, Harald and women names like Ingrid, Ragnhild and Gudrun. Many names with Tor in it like Torborg, Torgny and so on, were known o be powerful. They were popular in the Middle- Ages, because many believed in the Æsir cult and Tor was a model for the people.
We also got names from Latin, Greek and Hebrew for example Laurentius, Nikolaus, Petrus and Elisabet. Eventually these names were adjusted to our language. Laurentius became Lars, Nikolaus - Nils and Elisabet-Lisa. During the 18th century French got to be a dominating language. Names like Louise, Desireé, Charlotte and Emile became very common names. In the 19th century many writers´ work were translated into Swedish. Because of that we got names like Oskar, Malcolm , Fanny and Sally. Scandinavian names came back in the 1930´s, for example Fritjof, Halvar and Ingeborg, but nowadays they aren´t very common.

There is always a reason why you get your name. Perhaps it has been used in the family for a long time or maybe your parents just happened to like it. Down below you can find out a little more about the most common names in Sweden and in our class.

Common First Names In Sweden:

Oskar was the most common name in Sweden 1995. At the turn of the century Oskar became the "hottest" name and it still is. It's an English name but originates from the Old norse name Asegirr. Oskar is formed by two words: God and spear.

Emma signifies "the deserving", "the worthy" and "the diligent". Emma has been used in Sweden since 1766 and it's originally from Germany. Emma is a contraction for Emilia.

Common Surnames In Sweden:

* Andersson
* Johansson
* Svensson
* Hägglund

Fashion names of the year -96
  Common First Names In Our Class:

Anna means "grace" and comes from Hebrew. It's a classic girl name and has always been very popular. Anna was a common name within Christianity, Jesus grandmother was called Saint Anna.

Maria: Indistinct signification, maybe "the defiant". In former times children weren't baptised Maria in respect of Jesus mother. After the reformation Maria became a common name in Sweden. Maria is also a big queen and empress name.

Johan means "Lord have mercy on..." the name comes from the Greek Saint name Johannes. Johan was popular during 1970-1980 but it was most common in the 14th and 19th centuries.

Markus means "protected by Mars", a roman warrior God. After the second world war, Markus became one of the biggest modern names in Europe. During the Antique it was one of the most common Roman men names.

Unusual Names In Our Class:

First names...

* Liselotte- it comes from Germany
* Frank- only one here at Parkskolan
* Märta - it comes from Denmark
* Surye- it comes from Nepal


* Allard
* Flodman
* Hakala
* Martinell
* Pahlberg

Name Days:

Everyday we celebrate two or three name carriers.

* May 24th: Kristina and Stina
* August 29th: Hans and Hampus
* November 10th: Martin and Martina

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