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I come from a country in Africa listed as one among the poorest countries in Africa. In the fact my country is rich but the wealth we have in the land we use it in a bad way! which is not clear that economic life among the citizens.

Meshe Bikenge

The Green-Day

On Saturday, the 24th of October, our class, the 2nd C, together the class A2, took part in a project about the advantages of breakfast called "Green day".

Sara Caspani, Andrea Coslovich, Edoardo D’Andolfo, Barbara Rossetto

Beautiful Earth... Our home, our Mother... We were born here, live, go to school, have friends, strive to achieve in fulfilling careers, start a family, care about children...It is like our dream. Sometimes it is not so pink. When we see something horrifying on television (people dying because of starvation, children being abused...) we don’t feel good.

Adriana Holanova

Fairtrade at Barista

Barista Vision

Baristas Coffeeshops is the place where you can eat and at the same time contribute to a better human standard in the third world. The Barista franchise are the biggest multiple stores in Sweden that cooperate with Fairtrade, and the third biggest in the world. Their ambition is to be number one in the world concerning the ethic.

Julia Lundberg, Patrik Forsberg
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